SFI Markets

Since 2013, SFI Markets B.V. has been focusing on attracting, placing and trading in sustainable bonds and loans for the semi-public sector and corporates. Until 2023, SFI Markets (SFI) was known as STX Fixed Income B.V.  Thanks to our comprehensive global network, SFI Markets knows exactly which borrowers need to be connected to which lenders, including banks, institutional investors and asset managers. This is how we are able to help clients find the best solution for their financing and investment in major renewable energy projects.

Active on both the primary (money and capital) and the secondary markets, SFI’s reach has evolved from just European coverage to being increasingly active on the global market too. We are able to draw on the knowledge of our experienced international team to provide deeper insights into local markets. This allows us to offer our clients a customized approach, as well as direct access to relevant markets and financial institutions.

We have nurtured long-standing relationships with our international investors and clients. The expertise and knowledge of our team, who are native speakers and very familiar with the local market and players, provides our clients with complete and bespoke financing conditions. SFI is regulated by the Dutch Authority of the Financial Markets (AFM) and supervised by the De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). SFI passports its license to all EU Member States which gives us the opportunity to trade in any European country.


SFI Markets trades both regulated and unregulated products. Find out more about our regulation and settlement by clicking the buttons below.

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